Support our Work

What can YOU do? 
Please consider supporting in one of these three ways. 
Prayer Support 
Please pray for 
-wisdom and leadership for the Board of Directors 

-unity among our Board of Directors, partners, team    members, and all volunteers 

-the youth that participate in the program and any that are currently living in Cusco. 

Financial Support 
Specific needs 
-Rent for meeting space 
-Teaching materials 
-Purchase of land and construction costs for future dormitories and training facilities 
-Salary for future staff members
Please contact us for dollar amounts and how to give at or call us at (616) 422-5411. 

Professional and Personal Support
In the US 
-Consulting work for starting a non-profit and/or sitting on the board of the non-profit 

In Peru
-Teach a workshop or class about your professional or vocation. 
-Disciple a youth, form a personal relationship. 
-Come learn and participate alongside the Quechua youth in activities and programs. 
-In the future bring a construction team to help build La Casa del Maestro center for training.