Aydee Margarita Meza SánchezI grew up in a Christian home and felt called to serve God since childhood. One day, a Christian brother, who is now in the United States [Albino Rodriguez], helped me understand the true love of God and that God has a purpose for my life. But I didn’t give it much more thought because I was busy finishing secondary school, trying to get into the university, and just like my peers, start my career. 

A little while later, I was sitting in church crying because I did not get into college. God spoke directly to my heart, breaking it. I fell to my knees, and He reminded me of the purpose that He had for me since I was a child. When I got up, I was determined to join God in His work.

This calling created a great desire to preach God’s word. Because of this joy I started to study in the local seminary without knowing where this would lead me. One day I met an American missionary that worked in another region of Peru. He asked me if I was willing to travel far for the love of God and to be in His service. 
The day arrived, and I had to say goodbye; I cried it was so difficult to leave my family. I was going to live in another culture, with a different language and a different family, so far away from my own home. 

I am 23 years old now. My name is Aydee Margarita Meza Sánchez, and I am working full time in service of our Lord. I do it all with great joy and love. I live with the American missionary family. God blessed me with a new family in them, especially when I miss my own family. Today I am filled with a deep love to reach those who need to know God’s love. In the future I want to continue working for the Lord and have a family of my own.