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Job Placement

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 30 nov 2013 16:42 por Albino Rodriguez   [ actualizado el 30 nov 2013 16:48 ]

One of the greatest challenges an indigenous youth encounters in his or her transition to Cusco is employment.  CdM wants to help youth find gainful employment where they will not be exploited or abused.  Unfortnately there are too many stories of them teenages girls being mistreated in the homes where they cook and clean for wealthier families. Young men are not paid fair wages or are forced to work many hours in a day.  Thus, we are in the business of looking for jobs or creating jobs where the young men and women can earn a good employment and be safe while doing it.  CdM is currently working on the following possibilities:  a bakery, carpentry work, and mechanic/car repair.  Please pray for our conversations with the people who are in these businesses, that they would be open to discipling a youth or two and for creative ways to aid both the business people and the youth.