Who we are

La Casa del Maestro team is dedicated to walking with youth through the many adventures of life and fostering personal and healthy relationships with God and their family. The team works to protect today's young people from the harmful influences of the modern world, ensuring that they do not become a lifestyle for adolescents and teens. It is possible to live in a changing and growing world without losing who we are, without losing our dreams, and without losing our faith and obedience to our God. We can make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Thank you for your interest in our work. For more information about La Casa del Maestro - The House of the Master Teacher please do one of the following:

Write directly to director@casadelmaestro.org, or send messages to WhatsApp at (+51) 984000679.


The Academy of the House of the Teacher (CdM) has an intensive preparatory program for recent high school graduates. During the school year, CdM lays the foundation for the students' next stage in life. Our goal is for students to finish the year with a vision of who they are in Christ, strong principles and values they will live by, and a clear career path. 

A story that inspired the Academy: Marta and  Magdalena, and their father arrived in the city, intent on finding a college prep class.  But, the father had only two days to find housing and the school; the girls had not considered any possible careers until they were in the registrar's office.  CdM accompanied the small family through the process and even helped them find a safe boarding house for the girls.  The experience emphasized the need to provide vocational orientation to high schoolers/recent graduates so families have support in the pursuit of their dreams.  

A current student:  Maria struggled in the village, having no clear vision of where to go from the success of high school.  When she heard about CdM, she jumped at the chance to study and try something new.  When she learned the opportunity required her to study the Bible and participate in a Christian community, she expressed gratitude and curiosity. CdM is introducing her to not only a future without poverty, but more importantly, introducing her to her Savior, Jesus. 

Help us provide housing for these students and pay for Peruvian staff members.  Contact us about how to donate for the Academy.


Las Casas is the residential program of the House of the Teacher (CdM). After successfully completing the Academy, students can apply for the five year program.  With a stronger relationship with God and grounding in the Christian faith, students are ready to tackle their post-secondary education.  By providing housing, CdM takes off the economic pressure so students can give adequate time to their studies and faith. The community setting surrounds students to support them when they are far from home and family.  And, the mentoring helps them to live out their faith in the real world.

Oscar's older sister tried finding her way in the city.  She didn't finish her studies, wandered from her faith, and felt "lost" in the city.  When Oscar graduated, his parents were hesitant to let him go after those experiences.  They were much more confident to send him to study chemistry at the university, knowing that he had the community of students and support of CdM to back him up.  Oscar now has one year left in a very successful college career. He has also become an example and leader for the new students in the program.

Lucy moved to the city at age 12. All those growing up years were spent on her own as a live-in maid or nanny.  In a desperate time of need, she joined CdM and has learned to live in community with others and is an example to others as a strong woman of faith.  Just recently she suffered a serious work accident.  The CdM family had the privilege of literally and figuratively picking her up and walking with her through the long recovery.   

With your family, small group, or friends, consider connecting with six students.