How do you decide between two good options?  How do I decide which class work to finish first?  Do I attend my own class? Or, do I babysit my cousin’s daughter so she can go to class?  These are some questions that students face.  Through fun activities and conversations we are guiding them through these decision-making skills.  This is the first time they are without their parents’ daily guidance, and in the city, more opportunities present themselves.  

Team building

Students live in a dorm setting.  They must work together to do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning.  We help them see that they are successful when the whole team makes it across the finish line.  They must see that their actions, or inaction, affects the rest of the group.  Sleeping-in sure feels good to you, but it may mean the rest of the group is hungry while they wait for breakfast.  These first few months we are forming habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.


Though daily life requires them to work together, youth are invested in their own academic education.  They are required to complete a reading plan, basic level English, and more.  Remedial math classes are three times a week.  They even receive exegesis classes. 


Who is God?  Students are reading through the Bible chronologically this year.  They must keep a journal to write down what they learn about God—not, what they learn about themselves or the events within the Bible stories, but the character of God himself.