Welcome to La Casa del Maestro-Peru. We are glad that you are visiting our website and hope that you enjoy what you find.

Our Vision

Youth prepared with Christian biblical values and principles, sure of their calling, and trained with the necessary skills to help them face the challenges of the modern world.

Our Mission

La Casa del Maestro, together with indigenous families and churches, seeks to equip and empower Quechua youth in Southern Peru. This is accomplished through a holistic and sustainable discipleship program that recognizes the true source of life and salvation in Christ. Youth learn to navigate the modern world, provide for themselves, and contribute to society in order to bring about generational change.

We have a great desire to serve others, especially indigenous youth in Cusco, Peru. Our focus is adolescents and teens who move to the city from rural communities with the desire to work and study. Many come to continue their secondary education while others complete pre-university and university courses. Most must find work in order to continue studying. The youth experience the hard knocks that this life deals, and they do learn and achieve success. A number, however, return to their communities completely discouraged because of the difficult and trying experiences they had in their attempt.

The House of the Master TeacherShaping Lives, a Home of Hope, Faith and Love. In La Casa del Maestro the Master and Teacher is our Lord Jesus Christ. In His hands all things are possible!