Our Team

The Board of Directors

Kenneth and Letty Dujay - president and treasurer

Hailing from Texas, United States, Kenneth and Letty Dujay are Calvary Chapel missionaries with their three kids. In Cusco, Peru, they are involved in a church plant; Letty teaches English at a private Christian school. After conversations with Albino and Sandra Rodriguez and being a part of their support team, they agreed to be a part of the founding board for La Casa del Maestro. Being board members has opened their eyes to the needs of those outside the city, and it has afford opportunities to develop more relationships within Cusco. They pray that La Casa del Maestro remains biblically centered and focused on God as it impacts the youth who as Christians make good citizens, who make good workers, employers, and mothers and fathers. Training up youth gives hope to the future of Cusco.

Climaco Rodriguez Champi - vice president

Climaco, a father of two, lives in small village just outside of Cusco with his wife and family. Besides working in construction and in the family carpentry shop, he serves as a youth group leader in his community church. As a Christ follower who came to know the Lord through the example of his parents, he wants to be an example for the youth in his community. Being a part of La Casa del Maestro has helped him recognize how important it is to walk with youth because they are the future of the church.

Luis Alberto Mendoza Quillo - secretary

Luis’s desire is to see a youth discipled by La Casa del Maestro return and transform their community spiritually and socially. Working with La Casa del Maestro since the beginning with Albino and Sandra, he realizes even more that God is the protector and provider of all; thankful, he is motivated to put all his abilities and talents into serve of the Lord. Luis sees La Casa del Maestro as God’s will and knows this God’s Kingdom is spreading. Currently he works as a graphic designer at a jeweler in Pisac, outside of Cusco.

Yoni Carbajal Leon - associate member

After coming to know the Lord through the teachings of a missionary in her village, Yoni moved to Cusco from the small community as a teenager. She lived the life of the youth that La Casa del Maestro wants to disciple. She knows firsthand how hard it is to adapt from village to city life and to do it on her own. These ‘immigrant’ youth are an unreached population within Cusco. Currently, Yoni works in another non-profit organization in Cusco; she trains Quechua children and youth ministry leaders in the remote villages surrounding Cusco City. While working at the organization, Albino, Sandra, and Yoni realized that they shared similar dreams for helping Quechua youth.

Eleazar J. Puma Borda - associate member

Albino and Sandra Rodríguez - future executive director and administrator

A law student in Cusco, Eleazar became a part of the ministry to help with the non-profit’s registration. He is thankful to be a part of the ministry and wants to help the youth in their spiritual life so that they do not lose their faith. He prays that la Casa del Maestro will grow and be stronger so that it can do all that the Lord asks and can contribute to God’s kingdom.

Albino and Sandra Rodriguez met when they were working at a Peruvian non-profit organization developing Quechua leadership in the rural churches. Sandy originally comes from Southwest Michigan, and was an elementary teacher before moving to Peru to coordinate volunteers and develop children’s ministry curriculum. Albino, a Quechua himself from Cusco, was instrumental in developing discipleship material to reach his people in their heart language. Through personal experiences and training God called them to start La Casa del Maestro, an organization dedicated to discipling indigenous youth who study and work in Cusco, Peru. They both want to share the Good News with them so that they will know Jesus Christ and pass on their faith to their children’s children.