La Casa del Maestro provides a comprehensive discipleship program focusing on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth of middle school and high school aged students. For all indigenous students we host workshops and seminars that focus on biblical discipleship and vocational training; we invite all youth to come hang out, study, receive counseling and advice, and participate in our discipleship program. Classes include:

*Worldview *Finances and budgeting *Spanish *Business ethics *Communication and public speaking *Basics of the faith *Mentoring *Personal hygiene *How to study and teach the Bible *Dating, courtship, and marriage *Life plans and goals.

There is also a strong emphasis on vocational training. We will provide on-the-job training and internships in areas such as: carpentry, plumbing, tailoring/dressmaking, baking, cosmetology, and computer technology. We will also pair students with church members or municipalities who can offer job shadowing opportunities. With these opportunities students will be able to use the money to pay for their studies and living expenses.

For a select few, we will have a home with house parents who can provide more one-on-one mentoring just as the twelve disciples lived alongside Jesus for three years. Our hope is that the youth become a surrogate family for each other. They will eat, cook, and study together; also they will spend significant time with the host family.